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In February 1993, COMHSWINGPAC establishment personnel were assigned as a separate division of COMASWWINGPAC. Commander, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet officially established on 15 July 1993, under the OPCON/ADCON of COMASWWINGPAC, with Captain R. E. Tate assuming command. On the 23rd of July of that year, OPCON/ADCON shifted to COMNAVAIRPAC, and on 30 September 1993, COMASWWINGPAC was officially disestablished, completing the transition from Functional Wing to Type Wing organization within the ASW community. COMHSWINGPAC oversaw the transition from the SH-3H to the current SH-60F/HH-60H HS squadrons fly today.

In July 1993, COMHELTACWINGPAC was established as a subordinate element of COMNAVAIRPAC under the command of Captain J. F. Mader. The wing was responsible for oversight, direction and support of Helicopter Combat Support and Antarctic Development Squadrons. The complexity and diversity of this wing was reflected in its squadrons which operated over 56 aircraft of four different type/model/series, to include: the Navy's only single site H-46D Fleet Replacement Squadron, the largest helicopter squadron in the Navy and Antarctic Development Squadron SIX which provided direct support to the National Science Foundation's U.S. Antarctic program which flew the ski-equipped LC-130 F/G.

In April 2005, COMHSWINGPAC and COMHELTACWINGPAC were merged into Commander, Helicopter Sea Combat Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet (COMHSCWINGPAC) as the Navy moved towards a reduction in aircraft type/model/series. COMHSCWINGPAC has successfully transitioned all HC squadrons flying the H-46D to the current HSC squadrons flying the MH-60S, as well as establishing a new squadron, HSC-23. COMHSCWINGPAC is currently tasked with overseeing the transition of the HS squadrons flying the SH-60F/HH-60H to HSC squadrons flying the MH-60S.

With a 45 member military staff and a complement of 15 civilians, COMHSCWINGPAC serves as the Immediate Superior in Command for one Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS), one weapons school, one composite VTUAV FRS and Operational Squadron, and ten operational Anti-Submarine and Sea Combat squadrons located at NAS North Island, NAF Atsugi, Japan, and Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. COMHSCWINGPAC manages the administrative, operational and training requirements of over 3600 military personnel and maintenance requirements for 146 aircraft.